Saturday, September 29, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Yanrong& Uncle Donavan: Hahahahas,
i thought it was moooncake festival
or sth man. Whoops!

Heyyy: Mailed you! (:

Loo: You can get some of the mask i always use from this spree!

The collagen one is reaaaaally good,
Like th rose &lotus mask too.
Even compared to the expensive masks i use.
This is damn cheap &good luh.
So use everyday also won't heart pain. Heh.

Passerby: Hahahas, yeah.
One of my all-time favourites!
Lobang? I get my assignments thru afew friends thou.

NC: Hey baby, So sorry it's sold out!

Elaine: Hahahahas. Print screen,
Open paint, Ctrl V, Save image! (:

Bernie: Hahahas, Next week darling,
Down for duty for urshering this week! (:

Tania: Hey baby, Go for class on tuesday uh!
Hangout tgt after class. :D

Someone You Know 02: HAHAAHHAS! 02 somemore,
You think you're banana in pajamas is it darling yq! -.-
I'll dare you back! Hehe.

I'm listening to Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè - Lisa Ono now.

I went t watch The Nannies Daries yesterday with my boy.
It was hmmm, alright luh.
And i've a new wishlist!

  • Ipod Nano Video
  • Agnes B Wallet

It's so so so cute and light!

Th other day i went shopping for new pillows with my boy,
Cos he bought a couple pillowcase for us
for our 3rd year anniversary. :x

And we bought this cute pillow with a scented centre,
Cos they ran out of lavender ones,
so we took crysantamum.
Smells pretty nice anyway, really sweet smelling.

We were out shopping ytd,
Like, It's thousand years since i went out shopping with my boy!
we're always so laaazy, watching Tv/Dvd at home.
Making music &i'll read a book in bed.
You know, Just lazing arnd.

So we got our butts up and went out ytd! :D
But it didn't start out very well,
I wanted t have Carl's Jr but the movie was starting
and my guess bag wasn't big enough to stuff
two Carl's Jr meal in there, obviously!

So i dragged him to Giodano and we bought 2 plain white tees!
HAHAHAS, And i was like telling the guy at the counter,

"I want the biggest bag please, Biggest one."

And we bought two tees so
we could sneak our Carl's Jr into the cinema! :x
After the movie we went t Carrefour
cos i wanted t grab some pomegrante juice
but tried the new Yakult Collagen drink instead!

I really like the rose flavoured one!
The lavender taste a bit weird thou.

But sometimes t think we can't go out &shop all the time either,
We'll seriously just spend spend spend money.
Yesterday alone, i spend arnd 80bucks &he spent like 100over.

And i wanted t go to the restaurant, Indulgez.
You know, the one xiaxue advertisted for?
But in the end we had yummy thai food in Far East anw,
Not that i'm complaining, I love thai food! :D

Rose flavoured! :D

We went to Music Junction, MJ @ Plaza Singapura,
and found that they actually carry the CD
that my boy had a song he composed &sang.
It's this ARC challenge blah blah cd.
Give your support, darlings! (:

And we went t comic connection,
I hate it when he drags me into shops i don't like t go!
Esp game shops! Tsk.
And i'm serious abt the dragging part,

Like i saw the shop, and i saw it coming,
turned my back to the direction of the shop,
And he just grab me and drag my into the shop anyways! -.-
What the heeeeeell.

But i found sth kinda interesting in there anw,
It's this DIY design tee with rhinstone and studs thingy.

Mine! :D

♥F ♥L
His heart looks so buang!
& my "L" is like so croooked.

(Click t enlarge, babes.)
Anyway, I'm selling this brand new dress!
Bought it arnd 33plus postage,
And i'm selling it off at 27Bucks.

Only one available, Mail/msn me
@! (:

Love y'all,
Tag please! :D

Thursday, September 27, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Someone You Know: hahas,
hey seriously are you
really someone i know?
Yeah somemore i drank the whole half glass
in one shot because YQ was betting with me hahahas!

The tootsie rolls is from a candy spree
in _spreee.livejournal, specifically this spree :

But it's closed like so long ago,
but _spreee often have candy sprees.
So keep it lookout babe! (:

Someone You Know: Omg, how come everybody's
becoming someone i know!
Alright, but anw, i didn't order anything from old navy before
So sorry, can't be of any help.

Loo: Teeheehee, it's always good being t only child.
Pampered pampered pampered little brat!

Bernie: Hurrays to FREEEDOM! :x
Yeah! Waste my timeeeee. Heh.

Passerby: It's Orange County - Stefy.
I really like it, you too? :D

Anon: Hey babe, They do ship to singapore.
If you're interested, you could join this spree anw!
just saw it when i was surfing arnd, hope it helps! (:

I've personally join this organizer's spree before,
& She's reeeeally nice! (:

Yuanqing: Hello SIAO CHEENA PIANG.
Next week caaaan?
Saturday i gotta go church for some URGH stuff.
Sunday i gotta groom danny's dog.
I miss you thou! :D

The other day i was over at my boy's place,
having BBQ in his garden, for mooncake festival.
(Oh is it mooncake or moonlight festival?)
His mum asked the both of us t light up some lanterns
The wax dripped on my thigh man!

Hurts like hell,
it left a really red mark on my thigh for a couple of days.
And we put up like, 7-8 lanterns and went t eat,
And suddenly this lantern started burning
& i kinda freaked out and screamed abit. *Covers mouth*

So embarassing but thank god
it didnt drop on the grass and start burning!
Scary can, Suddenly start burning lidat. Tsk.

I just watch Miss Congeniality 2 today,
&just done with my mask
And just plucked and shaped my eyebrows.
Life's boring!

YQ, meet you next week t mug alright!

But anw, This post's main purpose is t sell
a spare tube of Queen helene mask & reply taaaaags.
Haahahahs, I know. I'm too bored.

Scroll down for reviews of the Mint Julep Mask:

I'm selling this brand new tube of
Queen Helene masque, Mint Julep.
It's brand new cos i bought extra
for my boy & t stock up,
It's very good for acne breakouts.
And one tube last SUPER LONG,

I only use mine like afew times in a month thou,
Cos i hardly have pimples,
&You know, when th damn period comes
my face would normally pop afew pimples.
But dab some over the pimple and let it dry overnight,
Miraculously, By the next morning it'll be gone.
So i find it pretty good, but i overstocked on it. :x

Alright, I'm selling it at 7SGD.
The price shown on the website is in US dollars.
i got it at like 8plus inclusive shipping
and postage all the blah blah!
Only one availabe, Mail/msn me
@! (:

And i really prefer meet-ups babes.
Save your moolahs! :D

I'm like super depressed cos my plaid dress,
the one my boy bought for me ytd went out of stock
so i picked anoooother one instead.

And it's so frustrating cos i like this too
but there's no more Size small.
URGH okay, URGH.
So whatever, i ordered M.

I really really really hope M won't be too big!
But, At most go and alter right? :D

And i love!
Bought a LO'real mens facial wash for my boy,
Neutrogena tinted moisturiser
&Ardell Eyebrow powder for myself!

I'm gonna go watch Artic Tales tmr with my boy!
Yaaaaaay, The polar bears looks so cute lah.
Irresistable! MUACKS, Goodnight all!

And && before i go, Tag please! :D

PS: I know it's like 1am but i walked t the 7-11
across the park at my place t grabbed
some sandwiches &pomegrante juice!
That's why i love my place. :D
Now, i shall dig in and watch my moooovie.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Grace: Thanks girl! hahahas.

Yuanqing: Baby, chill chill chill.
Vomit vomit vomit! :x

Felicia: Heh, thanks darling!

Bernie: Your church still can wear shorts there!
omg loh, if i wear shorts to mine.
Confirm get stares one. -.-
heh, purple feathers.

Miss-Kpo: Hahahahs! hello, cute name.
I'm not paid for this assignment,
But i get all the raw& edited pictures in return! (:
And of cos, i'll be going back for freecut, hairdye,
hair treatment for free i guess.

Nicole: Hahahas, which nicole are you? :D
So many nicoles!

Shilesse: Thanks dear! Sorry uh,
the other day when you called i was having my shoot
and the makeup artist was doing my makeup
so i couldn't really talk t you! :x

I'm listening to Thank god i found you - Maria Carey now!

So anywaaaay, photoshoot for sherlynn's shop
on monday was postponed
because another model couldn't make it.

I was sooo bored man,
Got cheena piang t buy some chips &pomegrante juice
and came over my place and watched Underdog.
Super lame moooovie!
I wanted t watch Saw 3 luh,
But yq wanna watch UNDERDOG! TSK!

I like the part when Molly ran towards
Polly at the 1st park scene.
It's so damn drama and cuuuuute.
Like She was like running with her ears flapping.

But anw darlings,
If you're bored and have nth better t do like me.
Go to
and watch some free movies! (:

After that we went to my hse area's macdonald
and sat there and slack for the whole night. -.-
My life is full of drama, yeah yq!

I always think my right profile looks very odd,
So most of the times i take pictures with my left profile.
But th other day rocky told me that he like my right profile
better cos my chin is sharper.
I don't think so lor!


I think i look so so so uber funny!
You think?

A couple of expired pictures
i just received from Sue Ann, another full-time model
i met from the Zona Felice photoshoot!
She's damn pretty luh.

She took this! :x
i look so horrible my gawd,

Photographer was like, :
"Stylist, Style her hair abit,
Comb the back of her hair straighter, Hairspray."

It's so super fun!

Sue Ann &Fidelis, The copper& Purple hair! :x

And JX, aka The Childhood Friend
called me yesterday like 2:30am,
He's on an attachment on a ship for a year.
And he like, at Egypt currently.
Egypt! I wanna go to Egypt!
It's so so so cool lah!

His 1st stop will be Spain,
then France, England, Holland!
I'm so so so envious,

And he said he'll get me a
little something everytime he's onshore,
And email me pictures when he can find a cyber cafe there.
That's like super sweet!

And he saw dolphins during his duty yesterday!
not those in sentosa but those is big wide oceans! ):

And we talked & talked for like more than 1hour can.
And i got a shock when he told me
he call me from there, it's 1dollar/min!
Wth, That means it's like 60bucks
for talking t me for an hour!

Jiayou JX! :D

And i spent alot of money this week! ):
That's what happens when i'm so stressed.
I need to relax, reeeeelax.

I bought a Green Nicole Richie inspired playsuit from ASOS.

Cute purple leopardy prints lace bra from Urban Outfitters,
The ribbon's suede, i like-y!

Another cute pink lace bra from Urban Outfitters
With these gold lining
&Rhinestone heart in the middle! (:

LO'real HiP Eyeshadow duo!
I wanted t try these long ago,
But not available in singapore.

Like, ALOT ALOT of cosmetic wedges. :x
It's damn cheap luh,
Compared t buying my good'o fibre sponge
from ettusais @9bucks each.
I'm like saving soooo much.

Consealer/Corrector set.

I bought the wrong shade the last time. ):

Some cosmetics from


Gold Leggings.

And my tootsie rolls are on it's way to meeeeee.
I bought like 100 rolls of them. :x
Cannot do without candies.

Darling bought this dress from nordstorm for me today,
I think it looks so so so cute and i love it!
Pamper pamper pamper meeee. :D

HAHAHAS, I know.
Kinda meaningless post :x
But i love y'all and tag darlings!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Loo: Nahh, i don't use toner after masking.
just my eyecream/nightcream blah blah.

Sher: Awwww, i left arnd that time too!

Passerby: She's a friend of the family. (:

Passby: Hey honey, I've no idea.
I usually join sprees.

Matherine: Sweetie! hahahas,
i don't think it's unglam man.

He looks so adorable. :x

I'm listening to Potential Breakup Song - Ally & AJ now!

Yesterday was my 1st ever photoshoot,
The photoshoot for Zona Felice's salon advert.

It's like so so so fun,
Was a great great experience luh.
with all the other models and makeup/hair stylists.

But it's was so tiring luh.

I reach the salon at 1pm t touchup my hair colour, makeup.
And by the time i reached home,
it was like 12:30am alrdy.

Was having this horrible throbbing headache
because of all the flashlight/music and stuff.

Studio, Lights, Camera, Shoot!

Stylist Alan with the silly afro! Hahahahs.

Before Makeup, My stylist & Afro curling my haaaair.

Wa-La-La! :D

One of my makeup artist that's really cute!

And i wasn't really allowed to smile,
so i only have like one picture that i'm smiling.
wth. Cos they wanted this,
" CB, I don't fuck care " kinda attitude.

It's super hard for me not t smile okay!
And i look so freaking fierce when i don't smile!

Rocky was like, "No, young chick, No smiling!"

My Favourite picture! (cos i smiled. :x)
The purple-y thingy is actually a few purple feathers.
And it's like really nice,
cos it blended so well into my haircolour.
So cool, yeah? :D

Rocky: "Hey young chick, Get kinky yeah kinky!"
It was like damn funny lah,
i had like 2, 3 stylist holding up magazines pages
and suggesting me ways to pose &act sexy.

And Afro was like, "Hey bite your lips, bite your lips."
Yeah i know, it's like so un-natural.
But coooome'on, it's my 1st photoshoot! :D

I'm like aching all over after the shoot,
Pose, Pose Pose Pose Pose.

Another photoshoot coming up next week
for sherlynn's online shop!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Loo: Hahahas, i didn't say anything abt your friends! :D
We're only young once,
so do all the crazy stuff while we're young!
Hahahas, Or else wait till old and saggy alrdy,
then do all the funky hairstyles?

Felicia: Exams, exams. Stressed! ):

Anonymous: One good thing abt my hair
is that it grows faaaast!
With my short hair,
i need t go back to my stylist every 3 weeks for a cut.
High maintanence!

Inquisitive: Hey babe,
The name of the salon is Zona Felice.
49 Cantoment road (Outram park)

Elaine: Hey darling!
Let's just hope he doesn't make me cry. :D

Bernie: Yeah, my church is like,
sooooo anal abt hair, dressing and all the blah blah.
As if my hair affects my character uh?
I'm so so so irritated.

Someone You Know: Hello Someone I Know :D
I didn't know that! Yeah it was hooooorrible!
Must be the taxi ride that caused it. tsktsk.

Sher: So where did you go! -.-
I went t outram after class t look for tania
and we went for dinner & moooovie. heh.

I'm listening to Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger now!

Yadda Yadda Blah Blah!
I'm like doing mask and blogging now.
I'm like so tired & my feets are aching like heeeeell.
Slept at 4am & woke up at 10am.
(That's considered super early for a non-schooling day, okay!)
I need like, alot alot alot of sleep.

Cut the craaaap,
So i went t Plaza Singapura t meetup
a spree organizer for my mask.
It's like daaaamn heavy can, 25mask.
Mask everyday, yeah!

So yeah, i went t town and shop arnd alone for like 3hours?
And.. I overspent again. :x

I bought,
1 Pull and Bear Bangle,
1 pair of earrings,
2 Tube tops from Future states,
1 Black Ruched front halter top.

&YQ came t look for me at bugis,
I'm happy you liked my present, Cheena Piang! :D
We went t Mos burger,
(she's addicted t apple soda after she drank mine 2weeks ago)
And i met up with my boy aftermath.

Yesterday after class, i went t tania's
grooming workplace at Outram park.
Her boss is freeeeaking funny can.
I laugh like crazy lidat,
and there's this chihuahua that's damn friendly &cute,
(normally chihuahuas are very fierce!)

We went t Plaza Singapura at like, 8pm
And we had subwaaaay. :D
Then we bought tickets for 1303 @9:40pm.
We walked over t Tha Cathay
&we sat there and talked and taaaalked.

The movie was damn creeeepy lah,
And you know, Japanese movies.
The sound effects are so eeeeeew lah.
Some parts the ghost was like, so funny lah!
Like got asthma lidat.
Then i was like laughing damn loud,
then tania keep hitting meeeeee. -.-

This was like, last week? :x
I went t sentosa with my boy,
to watch the Song of the Sea thingy.
It's damn niceeeee, go and watch!

Vicson was acting ugly/nerdy/disgusting.


I really've no idea what i was doing when my friend took this.

I was bullying him, with grapes. -.-
I bite half, take out all the seeds
then stuff into his mouth one alright!
Omg, Gross, mushy shit.

And he did the same t me!
But all the pictures he took are like, blurred. wth.

Peanut's lying down like a carpet.

Like father, like daughter! :D

Today! (:

Picture credited to Vivianlly.
(Click to Enlarge, babes!)

Hey huns, I'm selling this dress in Electric Blue.
Selling at 26sgd, It's brand new with tags!
And there's only one piece available.

If you're interested/have any enquires,
mail me
or add me up on msn.

Photoshoot tmr,
And i need t be at the salon by 1pm t touch-up my purple hair
(It faded like heeeell!)
Then makeup at 2pm. ):

Goodbye darlings!